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Patrick Ryan Programmes Len Graham (standing), Dr. Pat Ryan (middle) and Liz Weir performing at Make Hay While the Sun Shines, a Festival of Story and Song at Farmleigh, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 2007. Hear Dr. pat Ryan telling stories at Farmleigh Festival

Storytelling services and activities that I provide take many forms:
  • One-off performances for children, adults, or families
  • One day residencies that consist of a series of performances or workshops
  • Short-term and long-term residencies where work focuses on particular groups, who participate in performances and workshop activities for two or three days, or for several half-day or full-day visits over a few weeks, a full term, or academic year
  • Performances at festivals

Professional Development, Training and Consultancy services consist of:
  • One-day and half-day storytelling workshops and courses teaching storytelling skills and techniques to teachers, learning support staff, librarians, library staff, coaches, study centre staff, and play leaders
  • One-day and half-day storytelling workshops, lectures, performances and courses to develop the communication skills and provide strategies for well-being and team work in both the public and private sectors
  • Longer courses to train and develop the storytelling practices of professional educators and spoken and written word artists
  • Evaluation and assessment of storytelling, creative writing, literacy and literature projects in educational settings

Research and Writing Commissions:
  • Anthologies of traditional and folk stories for children
  • Articles on storytelling, cognition, and education
  • Reviews of literature on storytelling, and of storytelling performances
  • Research and script writing for storytelling performances and documentaries for radio, television and new media

Fees are based on the recommended rates for writers' visits and residencies, as set by the Society of Authors. There is also a charge for travel and accommodation for work outside Northern Ireland. Fees are calculated on a session, half-day, or daily basis. A half day is usually two storytelling performances, each 45-60 minutes long, or a 90 minute workshop. A full day is usually 3 or 4 storytelling performances or 2 performances and a workshop. Special discount rates are negotiated for short-term and long-term residencies and for daily residencies when two or more schools or organizations near each other book me for the same day.