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Patrick Ryan Projects
  • Patrick Ryan telling stories at October Plenty Festival, Borough Market, with Lions part Theatre Company.

  • Chippenham Folk Festival, Wiltshire.  May 2019
  • St. Thomas Senior National School, Jobstown. May 2019.
  • Methody College, Belfast. June 2019
  • Embassy International School, Krakow, Poland. June 2019
  • Rye St. Anthony School, Oxford. June 2019
  • St Aubyn's School Summer Camp, Essex. June 2019
  • Somerleyton Primary School, Suffolk. June 2019
  • Kings Park Primary School, Lurgan.  June 2019
  • Storytelling Summer Campes, Armstrong Storytelling Bursary, Belfast Libraries.  July 2019
  • Leeds Libraries Children's Book Award (Consultant, Facilitator for Adjudication).  September, December 2019, January 2020
  • "Silence and Silencing in Children's Literature" IRSCL Congress, Stockholm. August 2019.  [International Research Society for Children's Literature: I'll be presenting one of four academic papers on children's literature in Ireland, with my colleagues Jane O'Hanlon (Education Director, Writers in Schools, Poetry Ireland), Siobhán Parkinson (children's author, Laureate no nÓg--first laureate for children's literature in Ireland, and publisher for Little Island) and Ciara Ní Bhroin (Marino Institute of Education, Dublin)]
  • Brent Libraries Training Day, London.  September 2019
  • École Jeannine Manuel Lille, France. September 2019
  • Cavan County Libraries Children's Book Festival. October 2019
  • Cork City Libraries Children's Book Festival. October 2019
  • Wexford County Libraries Children's Book Festival. October 2019
  • Monaghan County Libraries Children's Book Festival. October 2019
  • October Plenty, The Lion's part Theatre Company and Borough Market, London. October 2019
  • Tour of Schools in Chicago and Central Illinois.  November 2019
  • Centro Internazionale Studi, Padova and Mestre, Italy. December 2019
  • 12th Night, Globe Theatre, Bankside and the George Inn Borough High Street, London.  January 2019
  • Rendcomb College, Cirencester. January 2019
  • National Storytelling Week, tour of schools in London and Southeast England. January-February 2019
  • Tour of Schools in Chicago, Milwaukee area, and Central Illinois.  February 2019


Me Myself and I. Poetry Ireland / Writers in Schools Project

Our Place. Poetry Ireland /Writers in Schools Project

Leeds Children's Books Awards.  Consultancy and training, to support Leeds Libraries as they expand and improve their wonderful Children's Book Awards prizes, which are decided by local children in participating schools.

Armstrong Storytelling Busary.  Projects and events with NI Libraries, in library branches, community centres and events, and schools

Continued research and work on a book on Story Listening and Experience with Donna Schatt, University of Chicago

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Our Place: Poetry Ireland and Arts Council N. Ireland Writers-in-Schools Residency.  A creative writing residency with the P5 class at St Colmcille Primary School, Ballymena.

ELSA Teacher Training Day.  Workshops for the English Language Schools Assocation, Paris Teacher Training Day.

Poetry by Heart, Paris.  Adjudicator for high students' poetry recitation competition, for students from state, independent, and international bilingual schools in Pars and France.

ECIS Triennual School Libary Conference. Chennai, India   Presented a paper and workshop on the positive effects on of frequent, regular story listening experiences in early childhood, when the story times are led by classroom teachers and school librarians.

International Children's Book Festival of Bologna IBBY Ireland Event  Joint presentation with Jane O'Hanlon, president of IBBY Ireland and director of the Education Programme at Poetry Ireland: a talk and discussion on the importance of storytelilng in education and how it fits into the PI WiS philosophym, strategy and practice.

IBBY CONGRESS Athens, Greece  I presented "Three Jacks and a Queen" a paper analysing 4 Canadian picture books based on traditional Newfoundland Jack Tales, the books are by Andy Jones and Darka Erdelji

NEW BOOK:  For Palgrave Macmillan with Donna Schatt, based on our research into: 'School Storytelling Programmes for 5, 6 and 7 year olds' Donna Schatt, researcher at the University of Chicago, and I are examining the records of a long-running storytelling programme. We hope to identify patterns in the choice of stories popularly told across generations of librarians and teachers, and to find a method for measuring the impact of such long-term storytelling programmes on learning and child development.'A Queen of the Fit-Ups, A Queen of Storytellers: The Life and Times of Mealda Hall' Mealda Hall (née Doherty) is a storyteller and actress, born and raised in Strokestown, Roscommon and a long time resident (and storyteller, women's activist and peace activist) in Belfast. For 15 years I've been recording Mealda's amazing life stories and have nearly finished compiling these in an archive we hope to make available for publication and for other scholars. Her life stories reflect the social and political history of the island of Ireland over the past 90 years, with unique insight into the Fit-Up theatres (travelling rural theatre companies where Mealda starred the '30s and '40s)

'Talking the Game' Over the last ten years I've been working with various football clubs in England and Wales, and football, GAA and rugby clubs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. During this time I've also been gathering stories by the players and coaches, and making observations of their stories and storytelling skills. I'm compiling this data for analysis in a range of academic papers.

'Seven Wise Masters and Seven Wise Mistresses' When researching Shakespeare's Storybook, I came across a medieval frame narrative equally popular in Classical, Islamic, Jewish and Christian traditions. From the 17th through early 19th centuries in Ireland it was used to teach children to read. I'm looking at earlier sources of these two chapbooks, studying various stories from this series. I hope to develop these for performance and to use them in residencies and workshops to explore how stories link and are even a fusion of ideas, narratives and experiences shared by diverse, interacting cultural groups.