Current Projects

Festivals, Residencies, Visits and Conferences for 2018-2019

  • Chippenham Folk Festival, Wiltshire.  May 2019
  • St. Thomas Senior National School, Jobstown. May 2019.
  • Methody College, Belfast. June 2019
  • Embassy International School, Krakow, Poland. June 2019
  • Rye St. Anthony School, Oxford. June 2019
  • St Aubyn’s School Summer Camp, Essex. June 2019
  • Somerleyton Primary School, Suffolk. June 2019
  • Kings Park Primary School, Lurgan.  June 2019
  • Storytelling Summer Campes, Armstrong Storytelling Bursary, Belfast Libraries.  July 2019
  • Leeds Libraries Children’s Book Award (Consultant, Facilitator for Adjudication).  September, December 2019, January 2020
  • “Silence and Silencing in Children’s Literature” IRSCL Congress, Stockholm. August 2019.  [International Research Society for Children’s Literature: I’ll be presenting one of four academic papers on children’s literature in Ireland, with my colleagues Jane O’Hanlon (Education Director, Writers in Schools, Poetry Ireland), Siobhán Parkinson (children’s author, Laureate no nÓg–first laureate for children’s literature in Ireland, and publisher for Little Island) and Ciara Ní Bhroin (Marino Institute of Education, Dublin)]
  • Counsultancy for National Leprechaun Museum Staff Day, Donegal. September 2019
  • Brent Libraries Training Day, London.  September 2019
  • École Jeannine Manuel Lille, France. September 2019
  • DYP International School, Antwerp. September 2019
  • Cavan County Libraries Children’s Book Festival. October 2019
  • Cork City Libraries Children’s Book Festival. October 2019
  • Carlow County Libraries Children’s Book Festival. October 2019
  • Wexford County Libraries Children’s Book Festival. October 2019
  • Monaghan County Libraries Children’s Book Festival. October 2019
  • October Plenty, The Lion’s part Theatre Company and Borough Market, London. October 2019
  • Tour of Schools in Chicago and Central Illinois.  November 2019
  • Centro Internazionale Studi, Padova and Mestre, Italy. December 2019
  • 12th Night, Globe Theatre, Bankside and the George Inn Borough High Street, London.  January 2019
  • Rendcomb College, Cirencester. January 2019
  • National Storytelling Week, tour of schools in London and Southeast England. January-February 2019
  • Tour of Schools in Chicago, Milwaukee area, and Central Illinois.  February 2019
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