Programmes and Services

Storytelling services and activities that I provide take many forms:

  • One-off performances for children, adults, or families
  • One day residencies that consist of a series of performances or workshops
  • Short-term and long-term residencies where work focuses on particular groups, who participate in performances and workshop activities for two or three days, or for several half-day or full-day visits over a few weeks, a full term, or academic year
  • Performances at festivals

Professional Development, Training and Consultancy services consist of:

  • One-day and half-day storytelling workshops and courses teaching storytelling skills and techniques to teachers, learning support staff, librarians, library staff, coaches, study centre staff, and play leaders
  • One-day and half-day storytelling workshops, lectures, performances and courses to develop the communication skills and provide strategies for well-being and team work in both the public and private sectors
  • Longer courses to train and develop the storytelling practices of professional educators and spoken and written word artists
  • Evaluation and assessment of storytelling, creative writing, literacy and literature projects in educational settings

Research and Writing Commissions:

  • Anthologies of traditional and folk stories for children
  • Articles on storytelling, cognition, and education
  • Reviews of literature on storytelling, and of storytelling performances
  • Research and script writing for storytelling performances and documentaries for radio, television and new media
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