• Kick into Reading, BBC2 documentary by BBC Wales, on storytelling and football with Cardiff City Football Club, April 2009 (nominated for arts award in Celtic Media Festival 2010, other entries include documentary on Nobel Laureate Poet Seamus Heaney)
  • Mark Patterson – BBC Radio Foyle, 2004-5
  • The Big Yellow Bus Summer Tour-BBC Radio Ulster, 2004
  • Water Love – BBC Radio Ulster (various times)
  • Tellytubbiesconsultant and researcher for Ragdoll Productions
  • Myths and Legends – research writers for RTE/The Learning Channel documentary series
  • Nicky Campbell Show, BBC Radio 5guest featured to tell ghost stories for special morning programme
  • A Many Faceted Thing, BBC Radio 4 guest and consultant/researcher for science documentary on memory
  • Something to Think About, BBC Radio 4 and 5 schools/children’s programme writer and reader/teller
  • Playtime, BBC Radio 4 and 5 children’s/schools programme writer and reader/teller
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